Executive Support Consulting

  • Board Development – identifying critical leadership for the governance of non-profit and for-profit organizations. 
  • Document Editing – providing professional business writing and editing support to small businesses and individuals.  Services also include support in proofing articles and editing self-published books.
  • Speech Writing and Review – providing speech writing services (creating new content) and speech review services (editing existing content).
  • Decision Making Advisement – using community-based and economic-based data (and other analytical tools) to improve real-time decision making skills.
  • Resource Development and Coaching – identifying philanthropic organizations, community and business partners to increase organizational resources.
  • Crisis Management / Resolution – using best practices to avert and/or resolve organization problems.
  • Transition Management – learning how to stabilize leadership when organizations are growing or contracting (succession planning, exit planning, new market launches).


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